Data Model

Working from the idea of having a cloud based application that can provide hosting of media content and licensing for the macOS application Stamp. I have been researching what the data model could look like.


Culver’s insights towards the ownership of resources within the domain and the consideration of “Teams” has been instrumental to my initial approach.

The target market for this project has been refined to 3 Personas:

  1. “Theatre Creatives” (Lighting Designers, Sound Designers, Video Designers, Directors, Stage Designers etc.)
  2. University Tutors (Course Leaders, Lecturers etc.)
  3. Heads of Departments (Head of Lighting, Stage Manager, Production Manager etc.).

For all three personas the environment to which they are working within is surrounded by multiple people or “users”. As such, although “in so many situations developers and even product teams won’t consider “Teams” to be an MVP feature” (Culver, 2020) I see it as a strong feature to lead with for the following reasons:

  • I have had many emails from university course leaders wishing to bulk buy seats and subscriptions for Stamp so that they can include it into their curriculum and manage the computers it is installed on.
  • Both “Theatre Creatives” and Head of Departments wish to share and collaborate on the data to which Stamp gathers. Designers and Directors wish to collaborate on a more real time basis with each other, whilst department heads generally wish to archive productions to be analysed in the future by the department or production company when re-staging the show.

“Almost everything in your domain model should belong the team.” (Culver, 2020)

Data Model

Something that I thought interesting was Culvers reflection on the use of the word Team as the aggregation of people and how it has a more likely chance of conflicting with concepts in the domain the software is being written for. Is Team the correct term for my application? Possible alternatives:

  • Department
  • Creatives
  • Class
  • Organisation

“Put ORGANIZATION on your model even before you start to interview” (Hay, 2000)


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