Streaming Video

Streaming Video

As a stretch goal I’ve been looking at the feasibility of streaming video that has been uploaded to an S3 bucket to a web browser. The use case for this is to allow Stamp users to upload a timeline with media assets and then allow the rest of their team to view and collaborate together on that timeline from a web browser. Alleviating the need for all team members to own a copy of Stamp to collaborate and makes the application or the important parts of it cross platform.

In my S3 Uploading post I identified the mechanism to acquire AWS IAM credentials to upload to an S3 bucket. This week I have been looking more about the Amazon AWS eco system, specifically AWS Media Services:

Elemental Media Package

Amazon Kinesis Video Steams

My research has drove me to look at companies that are doing the same thing:

There are some big players allowing users to comment on video… The core feature in all of them revolves around a user commenting at a specific point in time on a single video. Stamp could be positioned to be the one that allows for 3rd party integrations as well the commenting.

I identified this week that my knowledge of Amazon AWS Services is lacking. This is something I would need to greatly improve on to provide both a secure and stable system streaming video to a user. To remedy this I am looking to work my way through the courses available from Exam Pro beginning with the Certified Cloud Practitioner course.