User Testing

User Testing

This week I conducted an interview with a freelance Lighting Programmer, Sarah Brown. I attempted to apply the Thinking Aloud technique I had previously discovered from the Neilsen Normal Group.

I found the technique to be incredibly productive in producing actionable stories I could work on and I will be gathering more feedback from users over the next few weeks. The initial task I gave to Sarah was Registering herself as a user within both Stamp for macOS and the companion mobile application Pocket Stamp.

Key Notes:

  • Registering a user might require onboarding or some more functionality to point the user in the right direction. Sarahs initial reaction was to navigate to File -> New -> … expecting there to be an option for a User (not a bad idea). Although there was a little friction before finding the Accounts view in “Preferences”, Sarah did state that that was indeed the obvious place for it.

  • We discussed “Artificers” and the use of the term “Artificers ID”. Despite Sarah purchasing Stamp from a company called Artifice Industries Ltd, through a website domain she did not understand who or what “Artificers” was. The reasons of use for the term “Artificers ID” are similar to Apple using “Apple ID”, in that the users identifier is broader in scope than an individual application. My intention for this is that the functionality of Stamp brought online within a web browser may be branded as a different product name or that I might develop new products and use the same database and licensing system when developing those. All of which would be created and sold by my company Artificers and the hope being that the same identifier could be used for all… So there are two approaches to this. The first is that the Artificers ID could be changed to Stamp ID, removing all doubt that this identifier for a user is purely for Stamp. The second could be a larger branding push to the Artificers website to show that Stamp is a product of Artificers. It is worth recognising that before Apple used Apple ID’s there was MobileMe with its separate user registration/login system and that rebranding can occur to change Stamp IDs to Artificer IDs when the time is right. Take for instance Google’s new name Alphabet. It might be worth to consider that I should look to create a strong Stamp brand before moving to an umbrella style organisation.

Other Notes:

  • Find - Does there need to be some more descriptive text for the IP Address in the Find View? (Pocket Stamp)
  • Confusion between Notes and the Found Timeline in the Timeline View. (Pocket Stamp)
  • Found timelines should maybe show the computer name in the Timeline View. (Pocket Stamp)
  • Confusion between Stamp for macOS and Stamp for iOS. Should we market Stamp for iOS as Pocket Stamp properly?
  • Confusion about multiple users, who’s got the video.
  • Bundling a Stamp file with video.
  • Designer wants to see the cue number.
  • Scribbling notes, annotation. It’s quicker to scribble rather than typing the notes.


  • Timeline names aren’t showing correctly.
  • Search by a users name needs more work…
  • Multiple assignment searching (Stamp for macOS)


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