Using Balsmiq wireframes I’ve mocked up a rough layout for the web application.

A clickable .pdf version can be found here!


Notes & Queries

  • A new user automatically is assinged to its own ‘personal’ team. Can this ever be deleted?
  • Billing, Seats and Cloud Storage are attached to the team, not the user. This allows for a user to be removed/deleted without needing to transfer resources to another user etc.
  • A Teams admin can be swapped.
  • The dashboard shows the resources of the currently selected team. This might need to be made more obvious…
  • How do you select another team?
  • “Inivitations” would only show for Team Administrators or Admins.
  • Work out membership roles (Admin, Team Administrator, Editor etc.).
  • Can sign in and register be the same screen?
  • Look into the magic email link for login without password.
  • How do you change a users profile? (Email Address, Name etc.)