Stamp is a fast, easy to use, powerful production tool that lets you record, annotate, and analyse live events. The macOS application can be used in a range of contexts. The applications core functionality is the ability to record or import a piece of media onto a timeline and be able to annotate the media. Moments of interest can be pinpointed and media can be positioned quickly providing clear and efficient insight. Stamp connects notes and logged events from the real world onto the same timeline as a media recording and helps a user to better understand the events that occur throughout to make better productions.

Development Roadmap

  • Implementing a software as a service (SaaS) subscription system, with authentication.
  • Creating a platform for educational material.
  • Provide a synchronised environment, with multiple users collaborating together.


Stamp is the flag ship product of Artifice Industries Ltd. (Artificers) a creative studio for independent, innovative ideas founded in 2016 by myself. More of my smaller, more eccentric, inventions and experiments can be found at the Artificers Workshop.


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