Who Else Is Making Apps

Communities of practise are a great place to learn and be inspired. This week I take stock of the places to which I can go for support in my app development career. Reflecting on the areas of application development to which I most need that support and where I might be able to get it.

Business Planning and Marketing

Developing a product as an independent developer within the live event industry has been a lonely experience and there are many questions I do not know where to turn to for answers, most notably business models and marketing. As a company founder and application developer, I need to understand how to compose a business strategy. Whether that is to raise funds through a bank loan or venture capital, or more humbly to present my ideas to potential co-founders and be able to show them the value of the product. MegaMaker is a place I found late last year to go for support within this realm. MegaMaker is “a community for geeks who ❤️ making things”. It serves to bring developers, designers, and product people together to help each other create better stuff for the web, whilst attempting to earn a better living from what they make. Founded by Justin Jackson a previous Product Manager and Marketing Consultant. The community and Justin provide a strong knowledge of marketing tactics and business strategy.

Laravel Community

Within this study block I identified that learning server-side development would be key to the success of my career and broaden the scope of my employment possibilities as an application developer in the future. There are a range of technologies a developer is required to know to be considered proficient within server-side-development. It has been my desire to pick the leading technologies in this sector in both wide of use implementation and community. Laravel, a web framework written with PHP has that community and is that leading technology. The following are a selection of communities I can join and use, giving me opportunity to boost my learning in Laravel and PHP and feel supported in my endeavours:

  • Larachat a Slack workspace with many active users.
  • Jeffrey Way’s site laracasts.com with what seems like an endless supply of Laravel educational material.
  • Laracon a conference in Amsterdam spanning two days with intensive training, practical workshop, knowledge sharing sessions on Laravel and inspiring talks on real-world solutions by industry leaders.

Joining these communities where skills can be shared and tacit knowledge passed through conversation will greatly improve both my confidence and programming aptitude within application development.

Working With Others

It is not only the desire to gain a broader understanding of application development and to learn best practices that I came to study at Falmouth University. Over the years I have desired to work within a team and develop a product with like-minded colleagues, such as those taking the same course as me. I aim to inspire new collaborators to want to work with me in the future and to that end I have devised the following SMART goal.


  • Specific - Participate further in online discussions within Canvas and aim to collaborate with and help colleagues with projects and common goals.
  • Measurable - Discuss a single topic relating to application development every week with colleagues.
  • Attainable - Use the routes of communication provided by the university, through the Canvas web portal.
  • Relevant - Build a network of like-minded people for friendship and future collaboration.
  • Time-Based - Continue this process for the duration of this MA.


  1. MegaMaker
  2. Justin Jackson
  3. Laravel
  4. Larachat
  5. Slack
  6. Laracon