Creative Piece - Part Two


A game where you follow the protagonist through a world of “problems” and for some reason, the problems always seem to multiply when your friends are there…


I loved playing games such as Diablo 2, Ragnarok Online and Red Alert where the characters interact in a 3D environment but are represented as 2D characters sprites using images for front, back, left, right and diagonal facing.

Here for example are the sprites for the assassin cross used in Ragnarok online:

There’s a simplicity to the artwork and the grid based maps which make this style of game not only enjoyable but achievable to create and as such I propose to develop my game in a similar style.

Map Logic

The map sits beneath the character and in most respects moves underneath so that the character always stays at the centre point both horizontally and vertically when moving.

Only when the map reaches the far edge and can go no further, does the character move its position on the screen to the edge.


A diagonal grid is used, whilst undistinguishable to the user it forms the main mechanics of how the character moves around the map, moving from one square to the next. Typically a mouse is used to pick the square the character should move to and then the map will scroll beneath.

Sprite Logic

The sprites for the character and the friends accompanying need to change depending on the direction of travel. I will need to work out the direction of travel using trigonometry, taking the start coordinates and the end coordinates and determining the “slope”. I can use similar calculations as here to do this.



In Part One I explained that part of the game could revolve around puzzle dungeons where you have to remove yourself from your friend so that you can complete the dungeons.

Here is the main logic behind one possible dungeon puzzle:

When a friend joins you, they always stand to the right of the character like so:

This is a problem when the character needs to interact with an object in that cell. As the friend is stood in the way:

The only way to pull the lever is to remove yourself from your friend and carry on in the dungeon without them. So that you can position yourself correctly to pull the lever:

Other Problems

I would also like to create the mechanics of mobs or enemies to move around the map, when a friend is with you they could be drawn towards you and you would need to fight them off which would introduce some fighting animations and mechanics to the game.

More to come…