Journal System Setup

Journal System Setup

I’m using Jekyll as a static site generator and hosting is by Github Pages. At the moment I’m trying to work out my workflow from creating a post, checking the layout locally and then committing it to Github, to be available online.

Current Approach

Using Atom and an open source package called “jekyll”. My web based knowledge is small so I’m working through a couple of things:

  • Whilst the Jekyll Package seems to create a locally hosted server it doesn’t seem to update the server with the changes I’ve made in atom. I continuously am left with a “Site Build Failed” notification, but with little more information…

  • If I make changes within Github, creating a new post or committing a change to an already existing post, I’m worried that previous viewers of my blog post will have cached cookies from my website and will continuously have to remove the data as I am doing to be able to view and read the latest and greatest post.