Hi, I’m Sam.

I am an English Developer, Creative Technologist, Entrepreneur and Founder of Artifice Industries Ltd. a creative studio for independent, innovative ideas developing applications such as Stamp as well as a space to showcase my smaller, more eccentric, inventions and experiments.

I am currently employed full time by ETC as a Field Service Engineer supporting customers and fellow colleagues within the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Africa, India and the United Arab Emirates. I specialise in our Lighting Console Products and Show Control and have authored posts on a variety of subjects relating to Networking and the Open Sound Control Protocol on ETC’s blog.

Creating technical solutions to creative problems has always been a driving force in my nature and is in part why I started developing Stamp. It is also though, because I love to know how things work and make things. Working on my current experiences I aim to develop my knowledge in Web Development and learn of the processes I might need to implement to follow through with Stamps Development Roadmap. It is also with the desire to gain a broader understanding of application development that I came to study at Falmouth University, to learn best practices, and to join a community of like-minded people. It is with the hope with this continual professional development that I will increase my employability as a software developer and enable a more enjoyable, effective experience developing applications whilst also inspiring new collaborators to want to work with me in the future.